Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hi my friends. Before you proceed on reading my views on my Hindu religion, let me tell little information about myself.

The truth is I lost my faith in religion and God when I was 10 years old. Being one of only 3 Hindus in a school full of Malays and being raised far from any other Indian, I had very little knowledge about my religion. I was always mocked by my Muslim friends. My other 2 Indian friends gave in to them. 1 started reading Quran and the other was half lunatic even at that age, he doesn't know what he was doing himself. I had a lot of questions, I asked my elder brothers and sisters and even my parents. None of them was able to explain anything to me up to my satisfaction. I was always hushed to hide thier inability to explain.

Slowly, I started to loose my faith. I started to believe that all rituals are craps, made by humans to make a living from the poor people. According to my mother, I was not able to speak until I was 5. So my grandfather prayed to Lord Murugan and promised that I will pay my respect by taking a small vel on my tongue when I'm ready. Since I started to loose my faith, my mother opted to ask me to do it on my cheek instead. I fasted accordingly and took the vel but I couldn't get into trance as I should be. This made me loose more faith.

After my 13th birthday, I started to question myself if religion is fake, what make the universe and how live force came.

Since I am living in a multi racial country, I had the advantage in learning other religions. I started learning Islam and its way of living in my school but it still couldn't answer a lot of my questions.

During that time a group of church missionary used to come to my house every month to preach us. My mother is a very generous woman, so she never turned them down. They used to preach me and always leave books for me to read on including bible. I always have a lot of questions but none of them was able to explain the descrepancies with thier religion and sceintific facts.

I knew there is God but I just couldn't trust the religions. My search continued. I have read so many books until I lost count. My desire to know more never lessened. Finally with internet I was able to access more books than I ever could. I was able to read books on Hinduism translated into english.

I began to understand more on my own religion like I never did before. I realised that all rituals and practices done by my family have deep meanings but my family was practising them blindly. As my family many more people doing the same.

Recently I explained my views about Hinduism in one of the internet group. Suprissed and overwhelmed with the response I decided to create the blog.

In this blog I will from time to time will try to explain my views and understanding about religion, ritual and cultural practices. I at no time claim to be the fully qualified person in religion practices. All articles written here are merely my understandings on the said topic. I must inform you that some of them might sound offensive to others.

One of my reasons of writing these articles is for me to learn more about Hinduism. I welcome open and honest opinions. Please do critise my articles by giving referral links so I can learn more.

Readers and responders are reminded to keep the language clean as many young minds too will read these comments. I will try not to delete or edit the comments as much as I can but some sensitive issues or words might need censorship.

'Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya':
My respects for Vasudeva, the Supreme Lord.

Dvadasaksara-mantran(SB: C4:8-54)


southpark said...

can you share the link as well about rituals and practices...thank you

Chakravarthy said...

Most of my post are derived from my understanding of Hinduism. As you already know I read from so many sources but I do not concluded 1 source is the ultimate truth, instead after reading from a few sources I'll try to step out and take a holistic view to understand the bigger picture.

These comments are from that particular view and its difficult for me to point out to 1 or 2 links to give you the entire picture.

Anyway I'll try my best to accomodate your need wherever I can.