Thursday, February 19, 2009

Floating rocks of Raam Sethu (Adam's Bridge).

I have visited more than 10 countries, I always wanted to visit India. Last year with God's grace I was able to visit Thirupathi and Rameswaram. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera except a camera phone with a weak battery. To make things worst, most of the places I visited didn't allow me to bring in it inside. So I can't post much photos here.

In Rameswaram I was able to visit Sree Raam's foot print temple, Floating rock centre. The floating rocks were taken from Rama's Bridge or Rama Sethu. The bridge more famously known as Adam's Bridge is claimed to be built by Sree Raam, the Hindu God with the help of Vaanaras (Monkey people) during his invasion of Sri Lanka's Ravana to save his wife Seeta.

The bridge is 30 miles (48 km) long. Currently the bridge is full with coral therefore unable to float. Situated 600m below sea level. These rocks were taken and studied by Western scientists who claim the bridge was built 125,000 years ago. You may find more information on this bridge in Wikipedia at

I was able to see with my own eyes the greatness of these stones. Please view the video attached.

Every time I pushed the rocks into the water, they came back up floating with ease as if it was a ball made of plastic. The rocks were examined by some western scientist and determined it was not a fake but true miracles of God.


The name Adam's Bridge came later during Islamic influence where they claim that Adam used the bridge to reach Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka, where he stood repentant on one foot for 1,000 years, leaving a large hollow mark resembling a footprint. Both the peak and the bridge are named after this legend.

Please note the foot print I mentioned earlier is in Rameswaram in India and not in Sri Lanka. I do not know any Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka. My personal opinion is the Islamic people tried to claim the miraculous existing to their own religion to convince their followers but unfortunately they fell short in explaining the facts about the floating rocks. Furthermore the time of the formation of the bridge did not coincide with their claims of creation of mankind note fully the time of Adam's existence has yet to be determined.


Extra Note:

I like to add that eventhough the western culture had claimed Adam as the first human it does not go far from Hinduism where Manu is said to be the first man to exist in this world. His children are called Manusha (Children of Manu in Sanskrit). This word then taken into English as MAN, woMAN and huMAN being. In Malay the word manusia is a direct importation of word Manushan in Tamil.

According to Vishnu Purana, there would be 14 Manus reign the earth before its complete disolution. Current Manu is said to be the 7th Manu.


Anonymous said...

First should say this is not Adam's bridge and Mount Sri Paada or Samanala Kanda in sinhala is not Adam's peak as islams and cristians say. Mount Sri Paada has it's own history bounded to Sri Lankan history. And if this bridge is not natural and involve man made, definitely it is the Sri Rama's bridge because ancient epic is most relevant to this bridge and there is no other historical evidence of about a this kind of bridge in sri lankan history.

Chakravarthy said...

Agreed with you Anonymous but the reason it was stasted so is because many Christians and Muslims are calling it so eventhough thats not correct but they are refering to the same bridge. So no matter what they call them it still refers to the same bridge.