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Vishnu Stotram










I bow to Lord Vishnu the One Master of the Universe,

who is ever peaceful,

who reclines on the great serpent bed,

from whose navel springs the Lotus of the Creative Power,

who is the Supreme Being,

who supports the entire universe,

who is all-pervading as the sky,

who is dark like the clouds and has a beautiful form;

the Lord of Lakshmi,

the lotus-eyed One,

whom the yogis are able to perceive through meditation,

He, who is the destroyer of the fear of Samsar.

Meaning of Stotra

Lord Vishnu who is ever peaceful, who lies on the great serpent bed, from whose navel springs the Lotus of the Creative power, who is the controller of the Gods, whose form is the entire Universe, who is all pervading as the sky, of the hue of the clouds, of fascinating beauty, the Lord of Lakshmi, the lotus eyed, he who dwells in the heart of the Yogis and who can be approached and perceived through meditation. He who is the destroyer of fear of Samsar, we bow down to the Master of the universe.

Shantakaram Bhujagashayanam

The Paramaatma is present in the minutest particle; Being in everything; that remains unaffected.


Shantam means equanimity, unruffledness. The countenance of the Lord depicts the inner calm, happiness; balance, inner grace and mercy, the consciousness of strength and sovereignty - the very picture of peaceful calm. (All the deities exhibit this Bhava on their faces and in their stance.

Bhujaga Shayanam

The Lord is the very embodiment of peace calm, though reclining on a thousand hooded snake. The snake is the symbol of the objective world, with its poisonous fangs. Being in the world but not of it, bound by it - that is the secret. Immanent in the universe, yet transcending it. The Ocean on which He reclines is symbolic of the Bhavasagar.


This refers to the lotus arising out of the navel of the Lord; Brahma is depicted as seated on the Lotus. Brahma stands for creation. The lotus stalk represents the umbilical cord. Just as the child draws sustenance from the mother through the umbilical cord, the creation draws sustenance from the God, who is the Viswadharam or the basis of the universe.


That universal consciousness (Vishnu) pervades everything in creation. The Lord is like the sky, Sarva vyapi, pervades everything. He is at all times, everywhere, besides His children. He is in the most distant star as well in the blade of grass. He is the core of everything, as butter in every drop of milk. A person who realizes this becomes fearless. Therefore, the Lord is called Bhavabhayaharam. Despair is sin against God. When he is in your heart, why do you lose hope?" Be always joyful, optimistic and Courageous - Baba.


The dark color of the Lord is the color of the deep sea and the vast sky. It signifies the fathomless, unfathomable. He secret is beyond us. However long you try, whosoever seeks to know, by whatever means, you cannot grasp the mystery of My Majesty. Only intense study with faith of the scriptures can help you catch a glimpse of my glory. "Yogibhirdhyanagamyam".


He is purer than the whitest snow. His form is full of Loveliness and charm which radiates auspicious everywhere.

Laxmikantham Sarvalokaikanatham

That universal consciousness illumines and sustains the three worlds.


His is the source of all wealth. He is the universal provider.

Laxmi means:

The five elements that sustain life, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.

The Wealth of sound Indriyas and good health.

The wealth of virtues.

The Lord is the master of the five elements. He is the source of all virtues. He is the provider of sound body; mind and buddhi.


The Lord is the like the lotus, unaffected by the environment where He is. That is the reason why His eyes and His feet are compared to the lotus.


Sustainer of the universe.

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