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The Islamic 786 and the Hindu OM

The Islamic 786 and the Hindu OM
Om has more than 10000 meanings and one of it is god. Paths may be different but we all have one and only one Almighty above us and the only difference being the languages. Some Hindu Followers believe that Number 786 is OM.

Significance of 786
Some muslims from Egypt don't know importance of 786 but its sacred for muslims of Asia. Some tell its lucky number and some tell it means "Bismillah". 786 is known to be the symbolic representation of Allah. But no Islamic scholar so far has been able to explain from where this number originated. 786 is not mentioned in the Quran.

Origin of 786
Although there is no evidence of the significance of the number "786" in Islam yet we see many Muslims following this trend of using this number in place of 'Bismillah'(In the name of Allah). This custom is not from the time of the Prophet Muhammad.
It is said that if 'Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim' is written in Arabic/ Urdu, the sum of these letters adds up to 786, therefore people use 786 as a substitute to name of Allah.
Numerology is prohibited in Islam. As per some muslims, people have introduced it in Islam by attaching some numbers to Arabic letters.

The broken Sanskrit OM thought to be 786 in Devanagari font

Relation of 786 with Hinduism
According to many Vedic dharma followers, The number "786" means "Om", which has a connection with Kabbalah. Rafael Patai points out in his book "the Jewish mind" the similarities between Tantra and Kabbalah and that there is evidence to support the idea that there was communication between early Kabbalists and Tantrics.

All Arabic copies of the Koran have the mysterious figure 786 imprinted on them. No Arabic scholar has been able to determine the choice of this particular number as divine. It is an established fact that Muhammad was illiterate therefore it is obvious that he would not be able to differentiate numbers from letters. It is said, This magical number is none other than the Vedic holy letter "OM" written in Sanskrit. If "OM" is read backwards in the Arabic way and magically the numbers 786 will appear.

History of Arabic 786 and OM.
Before Islam, Mecca and Ka'abah were populated by Hindus who worshipped Siva. Ka'abah was originally known as Kabaliswaran Temple. Kabali is another name for the Lord Siva. When the Islamic army marched into the town and destroyed all the temples, the symbol "OM" fell down and broke into 3 parts. For some reasons, Muhammad then stopped the destruction and maintained the Shiv-Ling a.k.a. Siva Lingam, a stone shaped like phallic.

This stone later was incorporated into the Mecca as the Aswadh stone. Pilgrims are to kiss the stone after circumbulating the Mecca.

It is said that the army found the 3 broken parts of the "OM" symbol and asked Muhammad if it should be restored. Unable to answer them, the illiterate Muhammad decided that it actually means 'Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim'.

The number 786 was later linked with it because the broken parts seen from the back looks like the numbers if written in Devanagari.

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